Training Tips

October 27, 2016 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Exercise | Tags: No tags found.

South Tampa trainers guide us through their go-to workouts.


High Lunge & Toppling Tree
Jamie Lanza, CAMP

Part 1:

1. Bend the front knee 90 degrees aligning directly over the ankle.

2. Lift the back heel while actively straightening the back leg.

3. Raise both arms overhead with the palms facing towards each other.

Part 2:

1. Lean the torso 45 degrees forward.

2. Keep the back leg active as you slowly transfer the weight onto the standing leg and lift the back leg off the ground.

3. Keep a micro bend in the standing leg to prevent hyper-extension of the knee.

4. Extend your arms actively back by your sides, palms face the ground.


Boxing for fitness
Ruben Cherres, Optimum Gym

Boxing can burn up to 750 calories in a 45 minute workout. In order to achieve those results proper technique is required. Get started with basic punches like a straight jab followed by a cross. Keep knees slightly beant and tighten your core. The double end heavy bag (pictured) allows you to throw straight punches as well as uppercuts with better form. Beginners should always meet with a boxing coach to learn basic technique before entering a group class.


TRX Chest Press
Blaze, Orangetheory Fitness

Part 1:

1. Grab TRX handle.

2. Stand in a standing plank position.

3. Hold arms straight in front of your chest.

Part 2:

1. Move body towards hands.

2. Bring hands close to chest.

3. Press body towards the wall.

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