Local Knowledge – Sandwich Style

June 27, 2016 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Editorial, Food | Tags: No tags found.

Tampa’s business owners know this city’s food scene well, so we asked them to recommend the area’s best sandwich for South Tampa Magazine readers.

“The Best Sandwich in south Tampa without question is the Italian BLT at Bianchi’s Enoteca. Their take on this classic combines pancetta, bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes infused with balsamic glaze and a spicy aioli smeared between two slices of bread toasted only on the inside. They make a somewhat stayed classic, pop back with delicious spunk!”
– Ken Stoltenberg, Mercury Advisors (Bianchi’s Enoteca)

“My favorite is the Bahn Mi Baguette.”
–Sasha Fruitticher, London Philips (Restaurant BT)

“BT’s Bahn Mi Baguette is the best sandwich in town.”
– Dr. Kenneth Pages, TMS of South Tampa (Restaurant BT)

“My favorite is the Roasted Turkey & Bacon Jam Sandwich from Piquant. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and cheesy goodness all on the tastiest garlic bread. Yum!”
– Gabby Soriano, Hyde Park Village (Piquant)

“My favorite sandwich in Tampa is Buddy Brew’s Poached Egg and Avocado Sandwich that features hearty grain bread, smoked salmon, avocado, and poached egg. It is topped off with virgin olive oil and sea salt. I’ve tried numerous times to replicate this at home but I can never do it as well as they can. Their sandwich also goes beautifully with a cup of their signature coffee.”
– Dr. Dean Davis, Davis Facial Plastic Surgery (Buddy Brew)

“The best sandwich is Wright’s Gourmet’s Beef Martini.”
– Steven Haubenstock, Ethan Allen (Wright’s Gourmet)

“Beef Martini from Wright’s Gourmet Deli. Very flavorful, a great value and besides, who wouldn’t love a sandwich with the word “martini” in it.”
– Dr. Edmund G. Grant, Florida Medical Clinic (Wright’s Gourmet)

“April in Paris. It’s a vegetarian sandwich with Brie, tomato and pesto. And don’t forget a side of the Monkey Bread!”
– Judy Clark, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate (Datz)

“Try the Chicken Pancetta sandwich.”
– Jack Gordon, Maney Gordon, PA (Paninoteca Mediterranean)

“Cuban Sandwich from Ducky’s Sports Lounge. Always comes out hot, freshly pressed and the mojo pork makes it number one in my mind.”
– Mark Curtiss, Synergy Home Care (Ducky’s)

“Our neighborhood local, Yeoman’s, has a Kate’s Kickin’ Chicken that is to die for! Pair that with our Signature Aurora drink and you’ll be blown away.”
– Kristen Gucwa, Aurora Apartments (Yeoman’s Cask & Lion)

“My favorite is the Egg Salad Sandwich.”
– Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko, MD (Cook’s Kitchen)

“The Egg Salad Sandwich at Cook’s is the best! My favorite.”
– Toni Solman, Skin Savvy (Cook’s Kitchen)