We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in 2013, and people always ask us about our favorite covers. Here’s a list of our top picks of all time:

1. Vincent Lecavalier, October 2005: Vol. 1 Ed. 7

Vinny Lecavalier

About the cover: Tampa Bay Lightning stay Vincent Lecavalier was the first big name to don the cover of South Tampa Magazine. At the time, no one was hotter than Vinny. The Lightning had just won the Stanley Cup, and he was the biggest name in town.

2. Malio Iavarone, December 2005: Vol. 1 Ed. 8


About the cover: We asked famed South Tampa restauranteur Malio Iavarone to sit down for a Q&A shortly after he sold his famous Malio’s Steak House on Dale Mabry Highway.

3. Tony & Lauren Dungy, Dec/Jan 2011: Vol. 8 Ed. 6

Tony Dungy

About the cover: The Dungys were in Town N’ Country to read their book, “You Can Be a Friend,” to students at Woodbridge Elementary School.

4. Carlos Pena, April/May 2011: Vol. 9 Ed. 2

Carlos Pena

About the cover: Carlos Pena was electric during his first stint with the Tampa Bay Rays. He left the club to play in Chicago for a few years, but he made a triumphant return in 2011 to help the Rays make another playoff return.

5. David O’Keefe, Oct/Nov 2008: Vol. 4 Ed. 5

David Okeefe

About the cover: Tampa artist David O’Keefe has made a name for himself for his hyper exaggeration impressions of celebrities and sports personalities. In 2008, we met O’Keefe at his studio to check out his latest works.

6. Chef B.T. Nguyen, Oct/Nov 2007: Vol. 3 Ed. 5

BT Nguyen

About the cover: Chef B.T. Nguyen of Restaurant BT talked about growing up in Vietnam, her Hyde Park Village bistro, and her affinity for barbecue.

7. History of MacDill Air Force Base, Aug/Sept 2011: Vol. 7 Ed. 4


About the cover: South Tampa Magazine was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour of MacDill Air Force Base.

8. Coach Robert Weiner, Aug/Sept 2009: Vol. 5 Ed. 4


About the cover: Coach Robert Weiner had won his second national championship at H.B. Plant High School when we sat down to talk about his football legacy in South Tampa.

10. Fuentes Family, Aug/ Sept 2007: Vol. 3 Ed. 6


About the cover: Famed cigar-making family, the Fuentes, gave us some insight into their history in Tampa Bay.

11. History of the Cuban Sandwich, July 2005: Vol. 1 Ed. 5

Cuban Sandwich

About the cover: The history of the Cuban sandwich, from the bread to the meats, was revealed in this classic  South Tampa Magazine historical cover story.

12. The Bridges, Oct/Nov 2006: Vol. 2 Ed. 5


About the cover: Most of us Tampa Bay’s many bridges on a regular basis, if not daily. But many of us never pause to think about the history associated with each of these indispensable structures. That was the inspiration for this edition of South Tampa Magazine, which had a breakdown of every major bridge in the Bay area, including some of the smaller and more historically significant ones.