Tampa’s Changing

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Tampa’s Changing
History Buff and Photographer Bryan Weinstein’s photo project shows the evolution of Tampa’s communities

For the last year or so, Tampa native and photographer Bryan Weinstein, 29, has wandered the streets of South Tampa, knocking on doors, handing out business cards and snapping photos of homes and buildings. Bryan’s project, called Tampa Changing, involves re-photographing homes that match the 15,000 archived Burgert Brothers images. His goal: to document Tampa’s evolution over the past 100 years.
A history buff, Bryan’s journey started when his wife, a Hillsborough County librarian, introduced him to the library’s collection of historic photos. He was enamored by the collection and took to the streets on his lunch break and after work to see if these historical buildings still existed. Some do, but many are long gone, he soon discovered.
“One of the sad things is that some of these homes are gone or in horrible condition now,” he says.
The re-photographed images are available on Bryan’s website, where he has documented his research. He says he’s only a third of the way through the archive. Somewhere down the line, he hopes to publish a book of his findings.
“My goal is to get the community involved to take their own pictures or share their old photos,” he says.

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In Focus
Name: Bryan Weinstein
Occupation: Transportation engineer, Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.
Project: re-photograph Tampa homes and structures seen in Burgert Brothers photos, many of which were taken nearly 100 years ago. Re-photography is “duplicating an older photograph by taking a newer photograph of the same scene at a later time.”
Website: www.TampaChanging.com
Contact: Bryan@TampaChanging.com