Million Dollar View: Victory Lofts-Dr. Bob Nucci

April 8, 2015 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: City, Editorial, Home | Tags: Dave Brandon, Dr. Bob Nucci, Joseph Oliveri, Victory Lofts

Victory Lofts

Dr. Bob Nucci was in search of an industrial loft space back in 2007 when he bought his unit at Victory Lofts in the Channel District. It took three years to combine two units, but the end product is show worthy, to say the least. Architect Joseph Oliveri designed the space and Dave Brandon was brought in to lead the construction. Dr. Nucci has spent years collecting contemporary art that catches his eye. He wanted his downtown living space to carry that contemporary tone but with a functionality and livable he needed to accommodate his family. The space is open, but the design provides open yet private spaces throughout. Highlights include a 360-degree glass door shower, private wine cellar and a soon-to-be-built private home theatre. As with most condos, the view is important. This unit overlooks the port and has a scene that Dr. Nucci describes as alive. “Just as in life, the view is constantly changing. And we’re right in the center of things here,” he said.