Gabby Soriano

Marketing Director, Hyde Park Village

Favorite place for a girl’s night out:
On Swann. It’s a beautiful space with great energy. Plus the shareable menu makes dinner more fun for everyone!

Favorite date-night spot:
Ella’s Americana Folk Art Café. My fiancé and I like to go here to switch things up. We really enjoy the eclectic vibe and live music on the weekend.

Favorite place for a power lunch:
Wright’s Gourmet House. It’s quick, delicious and a Tampa classic that never disappoints.

Favorite place for special family occasions:
Bern’s Steak House. This is the place to go to celebrate!

Best place for a healthy meal:
SOHO Juice Company. They have the best acai bowls and healthy snack options!

Favorite waterfront restaurant:
Ulele. I feel like it is such a gift to Tampa. I wish there were more places to eat on the water!

Favorite place to grab a meal downtown:
Bamboozle Café. Their pho, which is hard to find in Tampa, is amazing.

Favorite dive restaurant:
Café Hey. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but their menu is tasty!

Favorite weekday breakfast spot:
This is a toss up between Piquant and Buddy Brew Coffee. If I am feeling fancy and want to hang around a bit, I will go to Piquant. If I am looking for quick and delicious, Buddy Brew Coffee is my jam!

Favorite Italian food:
Osteria Natalina. The food and experience make you feel like you are actually in Italy! It’s not only my favorite Italian food, but it is my favorite restaurant, period. I recommend the lobster ravioli.

Favorite Asian food:
Thai Island. It’s embarrassing to admit, but my fiancé and I eat here probably once a week!

Hidden gem restaurant:
Pearl in the Grove. It is literally quite hidden, but once you find it and experience it, you realize what a gem it is!

Favorite pizza:
No question about it – Sally O’Neals.

Best sushi:
It’s a toss up between Yoko’s and SoHo Sushi. It makes for a tough decision on sushi night.

Favorite place for a craft cocktail and cocktail of choice:
On Swann has become my new favorite place for craft cocktails. I recommend Honey It’s Thyme. It’s super refreshing and has a really unique (in a good way) taste!

Favorite place to sit with my coffee drink of choice:
Buddy Brew Coffee. They do a fantastic job of creating an ambience in all of their locations that make you want to stay and visit a while. My go-to coffee is an iced non-fat vanilla latte.

Hidden gem bar:
Ciro’s Speakeasy & Supper Club because it is literally hidden, and you feel like you are in on this amazing secret space while you’re there.

Favorite happy hour spot:
Bartaco because it’s a fun atmosphere, and their spicy margaritas make me very happy.

Favorite place for a long walk:
Bayshore Boulevard for obvious reasons. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Tampa, the view is amazing, and it can be very tranquil. Plus all the cute pups!

Favorite exercise class or gym:
Tampa is really lucky to have a lot of options! I hop around from Cyclebar, Epic Boxing, Barre Fitness, South Tampa Fit and Soho Cycling.

Favorite place to take my pet:
Picnic Island. My fiancé and I love to throw the Frisbee with our dog on the beach.

Favorite park:
Gadsden Park. It’s a great place to see nature and wildlife.

Favorite day spa:
Glow Day Spa. They use amazing products, and their boutique has the best little treasures from all around the world!

Favorite place to catch live music:
New World Brewery. It’s a beer garden with live music, which always equals a good time.

Favorite local attraction:
The Tampa marquee outside of the Tampa Theatre. It’s my favorite spot to take out-of-town guests for photo ops!

Favorite place across the bay:
You can’t beat the view from The Birchwood!

Cool Tampa fact:
We are home to the first brewery, the Florida Brewing Company, and the oldest restaurant, the Columbia Restaurant, in Florida. History proves that we have always been a pretty trendy town.