Dr. Kenneth Pages


Favorite place for a night out with the boys:
The bar at Bern’s Steakhouse. You’ll have to get on the list, but no place is better for drinking and dining with the hoi poloi. Don’t worry about Uber – just get a room across the street if you have too much 50-year-old Balvenie.

Favorite date-night spot:
Restaurant BT. My friend has a way of making food taste beautiful, and beautiful is always good for a date.

Favorite place to take guests from out of town:
Mise en Place. People who are from out of town should see what Tampa has to offer, and Mary Ann and Chef Marty offer so much!

Favorite local boutique:
Juxtapose, of course. My good friends Kallie and Lindsay show our favorite girls how to dress, and the knickknacks aren’t so bad either.

Favorite burger joint:
Square 1 Burgers. Burgers, beers and booze. No matter what type you like, you’ll find it here, and the wings are delish!

Favorite Italian food:
With a name like Michael Buttacavoli, it has to be good. Go, go, go to Cena. It was the first place Ryne and I went after Italy so we could continue to eat well – like Italians!

Favorite happy hour spot:
Bartaco – go Britney and Nickie Poo!

Favorite museum:
Tampa Museum of Art – and not just as a place to get married. Thank you, Michael Tomor, for helping make our little museum a big deal. I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

Cool Tampa fact:
Tampa is the only place to get real Cuban bread. Yes, I’m including Cuba.