Ally Lamb

Event Planner, The Social Revelry

Favorite place for a girls’ night out:
The Hyde Out. It’s always great going to a place and running into your friends. The music is great.

Favorite spot to take guests from out of town:
I always take them to one of the Ciccio Restaurant Group places. Whenever my brothers are in town, they request Daily Eats. It’s a staple in this town, and I love that.

Favorite place for a power lunch:
Ciccio’s. No question.

Favorite place for a client dinner:
Ava. The staff is so friendly. The food is impeccable, and it has a great vibe.

Favorite place for special family occasions:
Bern’s Steak House – is that even a question?

Favorite local boutique:
London Philips. It’s a men’s store, I know, but I love it. The owners are great, and it has this New York meets L.A. meets London vibe, and I’m all about it.

Favorite waterfront restaurant:
Café Dufrain. It was the first place I ate when I moved to Harbour Island, and it has really evolved and grown with the times.

Favorite dive restaurant:
Believe it or not, The Anchor Bar has an amazing burger.

Favorite place for authentic cuisine:
Restaurant BT. The food is unreal.

Favorite weekday breakfast spot:
Daily Eats. I’m there almost every day.

Favorite place for a craft cocktail:
I’m not big on craft cocktails, but I tried a few at On Swann recently, and they were stellar. I’m a gin on the rocks girl.

Favorite dive bar:
The Anchor Bar. It reminds me of the local bar in my hometown. I love it.

Favorite place to grab a drink downtown:
It’s about to be Franklin Manor. I got a sneak peek from the owners and it’s going to be a game-changer for the city.

Hidden gem bar:
Pete’s Place – the karaoke is amazing!

Favorite exercise class or gym:
It’s a tie between Pure Barre and Soho Cycling Studio – best classes in town.

Favorite day spa:
Glow. It’s the coziest place. I just want to move in.

Favorite museum:
I have two little girls, and they absolutely love the Glazer Children’s Museum.

Favorite place to catch live music:
Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Outdoor concerts are my absolute favorite.

Favorite place across the bay:
The Tarpon Springs sponge docks. It’s something I did as a kid when I first moved here with my parents, and it’s just a fun, unique area to explore.

Something to know about Tampa:
Tampa is a big city but a small town. It’s got a great feel to it, and it’s constantly changing.