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May 5, 2014 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Culture, Editorial | Tags: Adam Christoffel, Angela Gioffre, Cocktail and Evening, Gioffre's

Renowned Italian Designer Angela Gioffre Keeps Turning Heads With Her Fashion Boutique in Downtown Clearwater

Story by: Kristen Rouisse-Smithers

From gold floors to a cascading chandelier, light sparkling off each tiny crystal, Angela Gioffrè’s Italian fashion boutique in Clearwater defines elegance. Stepping through the doors of Gioffrè is like stepping into Milan, says designer Adam Christoffel, who provides custom pieces and professional styling for Gioffrè’s clients. It’s this classic concept, the art of showcasing a woman’s natural beauty with timeless style, which Angela has mastered. “To dress simply is the most appreciated thing,” Angela says. “There is no need for lace, bows and frills to be elegant.”

This straightforward approach to femininity is what inspired Angela to begin designing — her first collection, “Cocktail and Evening,” debuted in 1982 — and is what lead to the opening of her first shop in Brera, Milan in 1986. Coming up with ideas for such gorgeous, staple pieces year after year might seem like a challenge to most people, but for Angela the craft comes naturally.

“Life changes every day and I take my inspiration from the daily changes,” she says. “When I see a movie, hear a song, see a color or just see people simply walking.”

Adam says Gioffrè sets itself apart from other clothing stores because it offers true quality. Their clothing wont just last you a few months, eventually falling out of style or falling apart, but years upon years, he adds. Every piece, from the stunning floor-length evening gowns to belts and shoes, is held to the highest standard. Items are designed with a woman’s individuality in mind, with in-house alterations offered and one-of-a-kind pieces designed for a client’s body shape and personality, all with fabric straight from Milan.

“A woman has no need to dress like others to have her own style, which is made by everlasting staple pieces joined to new ideas,” Angela says. “My concept of fashion is creating everyday a personal style that is not similar to any other. It’s a way of being.”

By providing clothing that’s constructed with the “dressmaker” method in mind, where each article is made one at a time, Angela knows that the women who step into her shop are being individually catered to in every aspect.

“When a client steps into my store she knows she will get advice and assistance to find what she needs,” Angela says. “If nothing suits her, I will make a dress off her own personal size just to emphasize her personality.”

When Angela’s not crafting timeless pieces for the everyday woman, she can be found growing orchids and roses, reading and traveling. And in spite of all the transformations the fashion world has undergone over the years, she sticks to her roots, continually humbled by the dedication of her clients.

“My biggest surprise is to see my old fashion lines still in the closets of my clients who continue to keep using it at any occasion,” she says.



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