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We understand how aging and weight gain can negatively affect your body and quality of life. That’s why Tampa Rejuvenation takes an integrative approach to weight loss and determines the most suitable blend of medical weight loss, bio-identical hormone therapy, clinical nutrition and fitness to suit you individual goal.

Our medical team is comprised of on-staff physicians, registered dieticians, clinical nutritionists, medical assistants and personal trainers who are assigned to an individual patient to ensure optimal success. The team focuses on individual health concerns by establishing a customized treatment plan guided by your assigned physician to help you achieve your desired results.

Tampa Rejuvenation’s mission is to help you gain a better understanding of your body, to help you achieve the results you have been wanting and transform your lifestyle. We understand the keys to making any program successful is simplicity, structure, education, and a reliable team.

Many of our patients not only feel better, look better, reduce risks of chronic and debilitating diseases, and experience more joy and vitality, but also have been able to wean off previously prescribed medications (as determined by their primary doctor).

As Tampa Bays’ premiere Medical Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic, we recognize that no two bodies or body chemistries are exactly alike. By taking an integrative approach, we can determine the most suitable approach to suit your individual needs. To gain a full picture of our patients’ specific needs, Tampa Rejuvenation begins with the following three steps:


  1. Meet with the patient to assess needs, challenges, goals and set expectations.
  2. Schedule required diagnostic testing to analyze our patients’ current health and well-being.
  3. Doctor interprets lab results and health histories, and meets with the patient to listen to their symptoms and discuss goals.


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