Flint Creek Outfitters

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Flink Creek Outfitters was founded by Gordon Comer on the same principles and love for the outdoors that his father Cecil had established years ago with his trailer, camper and snowmobile business.

In 1965, Cecil Comer opened Apache Trailer Sales on his small family farm in Big Rapids, Michigan, with the intentions of providing enough extra income to put his three boys through college. He and his 10 year-old son, Gordon, soon discovered a passion for the outdoors and sales.

In 1980, Cecil and Gordon sold Apache Trailer Sales, which had grown to include snow mobiles, motor homes, tent campers, camping supplies and a full service center. With big dreams and a lot of ambition, they and their wives sold their homes, packed their bags and headed south. Settling in Gibsonton, Fla., the Comer family started again. From small trailer parks to commercial real estate, Cecil and Gordon worked tirelessly together to provide for their families, until Cecil’s passing in 2000.

Now, Gordon finds himself returning to his passion of the outdoors, this time with his sons. Named after the creek that surrounds their family farm in Antioch, Florida, Flint Creek Outfitters embodies everything the Comer family is passionate about: quality, uniqueness, and adventure.