Bigger Law

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When the absolute worst has happened, you desperately need an ally you can count on to transform a terrible injustice into the hope that accountability and responsibility will be found and that justice may be done. Bigger Law cannot prevent the wrongdoing of others from harming your family or your loved ones, but we can hold them accountable when tragedy strikes. The founder of Bigger Law and a practicing trial attorney for nearly 10 years with significant courtroom experience, Brent Bigger prides himself on the specialized focus and personalized attention he gives to every case. Whether he’s representing clients who have sustained life-altering injuries from defective products or family members as they deal with a loved one’s wrongful death, Bigger devotes his time to a small case load so that he can invest every resource into representing his clients to the fullest. “When someone has experienced a life-altering injury or the death of a loved one, their attorney needs to take the time to truly get to know their case and understand what has been lost. Your clients cannot just be one among hundreds of cases for that firm,” Bigger says. Bigger Law offers the personal attention you deserve when the unthinkable happens and is prepared to fight for the rights of those who have been seriously injured by negligence, fraud or by corporations who place profits over safety. Based in Tampa, Bigger Law is available to evaluate your case.