A New You

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Do you find yourself saying these phrases?

I would do ____ if I had money.

If I weren’t in debt, I would do _____.

There is a way to change. We’re here to help bring out A New You.


Mission statement: A New You is designed to empower, motivate and make that which seems like a dream become a reality by connecting individuals to the right people and extract the very best out of them.

What is A New You?

A New You is a Life Improvement team comprised of Bay-area professionals who offer complete total life transformations through financial, physical, personal and professional wellness advice. We’re not life coaches—we’re life agents. We operate with one goal: To help you connect the dots and eliminate the fiscal, physical and personal stresses that are holding you back from being the best you can be.

What services do you offer?

We expertly help individuals make difficult decisions in these following areas:

  • Mortgage problems
  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills

We expertly guide individuals in having a transformation in these following areas:

  • Weight loss
  • Personal appearance
  • Career

How does it work?

Every consultation starts with a FREE one-on-one with our Life Improvement team, where we establish a platform to discuss what you’d like to accomplish in your life. Once your objectives are clearly written out, we’ll deconstruct your stresses and begin visualizing a plan of attack. Our goal is to help you re-imagine your life without constraints and provide you with the resources to start A New You.

Who are we?

Shannon Sorbara

Shannon has dedicated her life to helping men and women achieve their best appearance. With drive and determination, she became the founder and CEO of Hair Solutions of Tampa, a successful business that specializes in hair extensions, laser hair therapy, and non-surgical cosmetic hair restoration. Shannon has been featured on local TV stations, and national Television, as well as various publications, such as Modern Salon, Tampa Bay’s Best and The National Hair Journal. You can currently find her disguising CEOs on the hit show, Undercover Boss.

Dara Lauria

Fashion Stylist Dara Laura wants to recreate your beauty in a different way. Dara’s 18-year journey in the fashion industry led her to work with many celebrities, and travel the world to experience myriad cultures. While Bali and Mexico are among her favorite destinations, her designs reflect many international influences, yet remain distinctly her own.

Amber Duncan

As a wife, mother of five and an entrepreneur, Amber wears multiple hats. Along with starting Gigi’s Cupcakes in 2011, she co-founded one of the most successful debt negotiation firms in the country. As president of “NSS,” she has helped thousands of individuals that have found themselves weighed down in credit card debt with no where to turn, avoiding the options that are out there. Amber lives by the motto that you have two options in life: you can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Dale Lively

A passionate and very technical trainer at Fitlorenzo, Dale Lively is certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Athletic and active growing up Dale fell into a “hole” in his 20s. In 2011, he weighed 230 pounds and had various health issues. He decided to set a goal to do a half marathon and make major lifestyle alterations. Today, Dale is very passionate about sharing his success story with others, so that they too could experience all the benefits that living a healthy lifestyle offers. He looks forward to using his knowledge and experiences to get the most potential possible out of all of our clients.

Ryan Duncan

Ryan has a passion for other people’s financial health. Early in his career he was a financial advisor helping individuals construct saving strategies for their children’s college and their own retirement. However, after going through ups and downs with his own personal finances, he realized his real passion is for individuals that are struggling financially. Having spent the last 20 years advising individuals on everything from personal wealth building strategies to solutions for debt problems, there is not much in the financial realm he has not seen, heard or dealt with before.