Tampa Bay’s 10 Leading Men 2011: Dr. Antonio Gayoso

November 26, 2013 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: 10 Leading Men, Editorial, People | Tags: Dr. Antonio Gayoso, Gayoso Plastic Surgery

Dr. Antonio Gayoso

Gayoso Plastic Surgery


What he’s wearing: suit by Corneliani; dress shirt by Armani Collection; tie by Charvet; shoes by Ferragamo; pocket square by SFAMC


Best family vacation: Washington, D.C. in 2009, where we were stuck in our hotel for three days with eight cousins during a blizzard. We had a blast.

Go-to kid’s movie: I like Ratatouille but they like any Scooby-Doo movie

Top 3 songs on your iPod: I like whole albums! Radiohead’s In Rainbows; John Coltrane’s Crescent; and Bob Dylan’s Blood on The Tracks

Most ridiculous fashion purchase: A Pal Zileri custom tuxedo

Always in my fridge: Manchego and a partially drank bottle of red wine

Guilty pleasure: Saturday night movies on TV until early Sunday morning

New Year’s resolution: Get up early, start running again

Most unusual items in your home: Pet frogs, fish, snakes, a Cornish Rex cat, a fossil megalodon shark tooth I found in Charleston and a 7-year-old boy who practices his piano without being told to.

My hero: Abe Lincoln. He was principled and persistent despite huge amounts of criticism and loss.

Greatest extravagance: Our big colonial 90-year-old home and my very own plastic surgery practice

Pet peeve: I have to hear every word during a movie, and I don’t mind rewinding.

I’d travel 5,000 miles to see: Some really big trees, a volcano or the Louvre

Ideal Saturday night: Dinner and a movie with my wife, and the kids are asleep when we get home (and the sitter can drive herself home)

Favorite clothing designer: Corneliani, of course

What inspires me: Excellence

Dream Vacation: Anything longer than a week

Finish this sentence: I love Tampa Bay because it’s the biggest small town I know

Last meal on Earth: Maybe several broiled lobster tails, a filet mignon and fancy cabernet

If I had a super power: To be able to eat large amounts of sweets and bread without getting fat or becoming diabetic.