2015 Losing Big Winner: Emily Traviesa

February 22, 2016 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Editorial, Health & Fitness, Losing Big, People | Tags: Emily Traviesa, Losing Big, Mike Tedford, south tampa, True Grit Fit

Some people would have a hard time lifting 37 pounds but Emily Traviesa lost that much weight in South Tampa Magazine’s Losing Big competition. Her hard work, determination, and diet changes paid off – she is the winner of this year’s annual competition and says she’s looking forward to a lifetime of healthy living.

Emily, who trained with Mike Tedford of True Grit Fit, dropped weight and toned her body with a combination of strength and conditioning training, boot camp classes, and diet changes. “The number one most effective strategy for Emily was cleaning up her diet and staying consistent with her training sessions and morning cardio,” True Grit Fit’s Mike Tedford explained. “I offer customized service to every client who wants to pair hard work with healthy eating to get the best results for their efforts.”

Emily had always struggled with her weight and had never really committed to an exercise routine or eating healthy. After giving birth to her first child, she found herself overweight and lacking self-confidence. But now that she’s 37 pounds lighter, she’s found a new outlook on life. “Now that I have shed the weight, I feel good, look good, and my self-confidence is at an ultimate high. I have a more positive outlook, not only in my everyday life, but also towards me as an individual – which is most important. I feel like myself again. It’s amazing how less weight can affect your daily demeanor.”


Mike says that as part of her training, Emily learned how to prepare and maintain a well-rounded diet which is a crucial part of maintaining weight loss. “Mike and his wife, Letitia, at True Grit Fit truly care about getting you to your fitness goals,” says Emily. “They care about everyone who walks through their door. The overall environment is friendly and non-competitive. The more you attend classes, the more you meet awesome people at all different fitness levels. You never feel intimidated because you learn we all have the same goals: to get healthy. True Grit Fit’s bootcamp classes are by far the best workout in Tampa Bay. They change daily so you never get bored and they kick your butt!”

Emily says that her weight loss journey is not over. “I want to lose 15 to 20 more pounds, as well as tone. I am turning 36 this year and have baby fever. I’m looking forward to getting pregnant with baby number 2 and this time focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Mike and I already have a game plan in place for when I do get pregnant. It’s important to maintain and keep this new healthy lifestyle going. Not only for me, but for my growing family.”