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Meet Your New Pest Control Company!

It’s Time To Go Green!

Environmentally Pest Control That’s Safe For Your Family And Pets

Nvirotect’s unique pest control program provides an environmentally effective Green solution to pest control needs. Following the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Nvirotect provides you with a pest-free environment while reducing the amounts of pesticide used within your home. Keeping your family, your pets, and our planet safe while providing world-class effective pest control service is what Nvirotect is all about.

Locally owned and operated, Nvirotect is certified through the National Pest Management’s Green Pro Program. This program is the leading certification in the pest control industry for environmentally friendly practices. Our customized approach to your pest control needs ensures that you truly are getting the “greenest” pest control available!

Furthermore, Nvirotect guarantees a world-class level of service that is truly unmatched in our industry. Nvirotect looks forward to providing you a world-class pest control program!