Class Acts

August 20, 2016 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Editorial, Whiz Kids | Tags: No tags found.

Writer: Marcy Sanford
Photographer: Gabriel Burgos
Art Director: Scott Tennant

We asked principals from area schools to nominate students who stood out among their classmates. They sent us names of young people who have tutored and mentored other students, started new clubs at their schools, researched global issues, spent hours volunteering at local non-profits and been leaders in the community – all while maintaining straight A’s. There are a lot of great kids out there doing wonderful things, but we only had room to share the stories of a few. These young people have the determination, knowledge and heart to change their world for the better.

Meet Tampa’s future leaders.

Alyssa Williams & Alex DeLise
Honor Culpepper
Alexandria Kirkner, Jenna Krovich & Melissa Fabregas
Sarah Jennewien
Bob Schofner