Behind the Scenes: South Tampa Magazine Dec/Jan Cover Shoot

February 8, 2014 | South Tampa Magazine | Categories: Culture, Editorial | Tags: Danielle Styron, flapper girl, La France, Roaring 20s

Model Danielle Styron was used to represent a flapper girl from the Roaring 20s. Known for being vivacious and rebellious, flappers were revolutionaries of their day. They were independent women that adored the nightlife. Their look usually included shoulder-length hair, knee-high dresses, high heels, costume-type jewelry and plenty of makeup.

Clothing and accessories from La France, 1612 E. 7th Ave., Ybor City, FL 33605, (813) 248-1381:

  • Vintage purple flapper dress $388
  • Rhinestone skull cap with chain $28
  • Rhinestone Harem Bracelet $28
  • Rhinestone Earrings with Crystal Drops $68