AnnaMarie Caras lost 51 pounds in South Tampa Magazine’s fifth annual Losing Big competition.

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AnnaMarie becomes the second Rock Bottom Fitness contestant to win our competition.

Last September, South Tampa Magazine challenged five local trainers and their clients to take their workouts to the next level in a friendly competition modeled after NBC’s hit TV series, The Biggest Loser. After three months of intense work, the contestants have completed their final weigh-in, and Dr. Denise Edwards, medical director of the Healthy Weight Clinic at USF Health on Davis Islands, has announced the final numbers. AnnaMarie Caras lost nearly 51 pounds with trainer Marja Blitz of Rock Bottom Fitness, knocking off more than 26 percent of her overall body weight. Check out the February/March edition of South Tampa Magazine to read about how Marja and AnnaMarie were able to lose all of that weight.

We’d like to thank all the trainers and contestants for their hard work during this journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations to all of you!


Team 1

Trainer: Marja Blitz, Rock Bottom Fitness

Contestant: AnnaMarie Caras

September Weight: 192.5

Current Weight: 141.2

Total Pounds Lost: 50.76

Total Weight Lost: 26.6%

Goal: Lose 30 pounds


Team 2

Trainer: Mike Conlee, Urban Kai

Contestant: Lisa Altman

September Weight: 220.5

Current Weight: 181.72

Total Pounds Lost: 38.78

Total Weight Lost: 17.6%

Goal: Lost 1.5 to 2 pounds per week


Team 3

Trainer: Brian Bickel, Tighten Up Training

Contestant: Brandon Pittman

September Weight: 265

Current Weight: 234.5

Total Pounds Lost: 30.5

Total Weight Lost: 11.5%

Goal: Lose 65 pounds


Team 4

Trainer: Jeff Cogell, Orangetheory Fitness

Contestant: Jonathan Marcus

September Weight: 234.5

Current Weight: 218.24

Total Pounds Lost: 16.26

Total Weight Lost: 6.9%

Goal: Lose 35 pounds


Team 5

Trainer: Michael Gianeskis, South Tampa Fit

Contestant: Adriana Parrino

September Weight: 123.2

Current Weight: 121.88

Total Pounds Lost: 1.32

Total Weight Lost: 1%

Goal: Lose 25 pounds