Eric R. Polins

Senior Brand Strategist/Partner, HCP Associates, Inc.

Favorite place for a night out with the boys:
Malio’s Prime Steakhouse for cigars and wine outside. I just love the layout, design, food, service and total experience. Plus we can get louder outside! My drink of choice is a Bombay Sapphire Martini, bone dry with three blue cheese-stuffed olives.

Favorite date-night spot:
CinéBistro in Hyde Park Village. Where else can you see a great movie, eat, drink and relax in first class surroundings all in one place?

Favorite spot to take guests from out of town:
Bern’s Steak House. The clients love the kitchen and wine tour and die when they experience the dessert room.

Favorite place for a power lunch:
Mise en Place. They have excellent cuisine and moderate noise with a beautiful atmosphere and fair pricing.

Favorite place for a client dinner:
Haven. We love taking out-of-town clients to the private room with the glass wall showing off the kitchen!

Favorite place for special family occasions:
Armani’s. My wife and I had our wedding reception there, and it will always be near and dear to our hearts. It’s still the closest thing to a five-star experience in Tampa! Plus our waiter of 18 years is still there!

Favorite local store:
Schiller’s Architectural & Design Salvage. It’s a unique antique store specializing in items like reclaimed lumber and antique collectibles. Half of our office and most of our home is filled with cool stuff from Schiller’s.

Favorite burger joint:
Drama Burger. It’s something new, and the burger concoctions are really unique and incredibly tasty!

Best place for a healthy meal:
Zudar’s. They recently expanded the space and offer some yummy options that are very healthy!

Favorite weekend brunch spot:
Datz. The food is great, and the kids love the free Wikki Stix (Editor’s note: a reusable building and crafting tool) that provide hours of non-digital entertainment.

Best barbecue:
Big John’s Alabama BBQ. The owners are great people, and their talent and skill amaze us every time we get barbecue from there!

Favorite pizza:
Gourmet Pizza Company. If you are going to cheat, it might as well be organic!

Best sushi:
Yoko’s has, by far, the best sushi ever… anywhere. And I’ve been all over Asia!

Favorite sports bar:
Ducky’s has really healthy options and a fun environment with good service!

Favorite happy hour spot:
Pour House at Grand Central has a huge collection of beers on tap with free popcorn!

Best Bloody Mary:
Ulele. I can’t drink more than two without needing an Uber!

Favorite place for a long walk:
Bayshore Boulevard is one of the reasons we have lived in South Tampa for 20 years.

Favorite place to catch live music:
Timpano. They place just loud enough that no one can hear my two rascals being loud.

Favorite local attraction:
Tampa Theatre. There is simply no other structure this beautiful in Tampa Bay.

Favorite beach spot:
Frenchy’s Café. I’m a purist – I always get the grouper sandwich.

Favorite Bay area beach:
Sheraton Sand Key Resort and their 10 acre beach! I’ve been going there for staycations for years.

Cool Tampa fact:
Ybor City is pronounced “EE-bore” not “WHY-bore.”