Tresca Italia

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Every year, Tresca Italia owner Lori Giglio Gibson travels to Italy to take in the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. Years ago, she visited to island of Capri and noticed a distinctive and fashionable sandal that was subtle and simple with just a leather strap around the ankle. This product was something everyone back home had to see, she thought. After bringing home dozens of the Capri sandals for herself, as well as her friends and loved ones, Lori decided to share her passion for Italy with the entire South Tampa community. Rooted in traditions that trace back to the Mediterranean, Tresca Italia blends traditional Capri sandal making methods with contemporary styles from around the world. Inspired by the luxurious dressing salons that Lori visited throughout Italy, Tresca Italia is the only store in Tampa Bay offering custom-fitted and personally styled sandals. At Tresca, you can choose from four heel designs and more than 75 styles of shoe jewelry. Italian cobbler Francesco will handcraft a one-of-a-kind sandal just for you or your special someone.